Project Sundmolen

Nordhavn, Copenhagen | Monitoring

Sundmolen is characterized by the mixture of the large, old warehouses, which contain a large number of businesses, as well as five new residential buildings to the south with a total of approximately 1,000 residents.

At the access road to Sundmolen, the M4 metro has its terminus at Orientkaj, so it is easy to get to and from Sundmolen - also by public transport.

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Project period:

2021 - 2022


Excavation of canals


Nordhavn, København


By og Havn


MJ Eriksson


Photo registration, Monitoring - Noise and vibration, Sentence monitoring, tilmeter measurement


In the coming years, a major development will take place at Sundmolen. The architect company BIG is building residential buildings on the tip of the islet, and when the container terminal north of Sundmolen is moved, additional homes and a parking garage must be built in the area.


Klubiensvej is centrally located on Sundmolen and, according to the Local Plan for Sundmolen, must be transformed into a chain of garden spaces as a shared courtyard (the green course) down the middle of Sundmolen. The establishment has begun.



Later, e.g. a north/south running canal in the middle of Sundmolen. Several of Sundmolen's warehouses need to be renovated both externally and internally. We continuously update this page with more details about the renovation work and what it means for the accessibility of Sundmolen and the establishment of the canal.


When excavating canals, IN-SITU Consult, together with LIFA, has Stand for Monitoring, including vibration measurement, settlement monitoring, tilt meter measurement, photo registration, etc.