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Weather conditions / Meteorology

On some projects it may be necessary to measure the weather conditions. This can e.g. be In connection with the noise measurements, but can also be to document current weather conditions on the site, in connection with contractual conditions.


On cranes, there are e.g. limit values ​​for wind strength and gusts, which mean that the crane cannot be safely moved if it blows above a certain level. You may need to document this to the client, or give the crane operator and the project manager the opportunity to check the weather conditions on an ongoing basis

Vejrforhold / Meteorologi
Vejrforhold / Meteorologi

Meteorological conditions play a major role in noise in particular. By e.g. separation measurements, which are often carried out at a greater distance from the noisy source, require the very specific conditions for a measurement to be used. Here, with a weather station, you can both document, but also check on the spot that conditions are as desired.


Our meters can measure wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, air temperature, humidity, rain amount and much more.


The weather stations are built to be able to cope with harsh environments, and since they often have to sit up high, we always connect a larger solar cell if possible, to ensure that they run constantly.

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