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Static plate load test

A static plate load test is mainly performed to determine the deformation properties of the soil. In addition, it is also possible to determine the fracture properties during tests with high load intensities. The experiment is carried out on intact soil as well as on fill layers, e.g. in connection with pavement construction under road and driving areas.


The experiment is carried out by applying pressure to a circular rigid plate and where the settlement of the plate is measured with displacement transducers. The diameter of the plate can be varied depending on the desired tension level under the plate as well as the available resistance.


At In-situ Consult we use field equipment from German HMP GmbH. It is necessary for our customer to make the counterweight available on site and a counterweight of at least 5 tonnes is usually required.


The measurement is carried out according to the German standard, DIN 18 134.

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