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Vibration measurement

When monitoring vibrations, it is important to conduct a thorough analysis of the properties or objects that may be particularly susceptible before the vibrating work begins. In our planning of measurement points, there are several aspects we consider. We first delineate a safety zone around the construction area.


Next, we investigate whether there are any properties categorized as protected or of historical value. If any of the properties within the zone fall into these categories, this is noted, and special care must be taken with them. These properties are subject to stricter requirements for vibration impact than "ordinary" properties without such categorization.


Once this is clarified, measurement points are selected to ensure that the area is covered by a number of representative points. Current classifications are again taken into account, but during this process, consideration is also given to the type of work to be performed. The work being carried out determines how the equipment is set up.


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In terms of both legislation and maintaining good neighborly relations (including avoiding complaints), it is important to inform neighbors properly and provide adequate notice before commencing work.


We always recommend conducting a pre-survey of the surrounding properties before commencing work. This can be done manually or using a drone.


Subsequently, we can analyze the data and, for example, perform frequency analyses or analyze any exceedances, where we delve deeper into the data and examine the events more closely.

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The vibration measurements are carried out according to the German standard DIN 4150-3. The standard describes everything from how the measurement points should be set up, how the equipment itself measures, to how it is calibrated.


The vibration meters continuously log data throughout the entire period, in a 2-minute cycle, and are performed as unattended continuous measurements. Data is sent to the server every hour and can then be accessed. However, data is sent immediately upon exceeding the limit values. Alerts are also provided via email, SMS, or flashing/signal on-site or both.


The collected data is visualized in our cloud solution, where it is possible to monitor the measurements online

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