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Thermal Integrity Profiling

TIP is a test method for evaluating the integrity of concrete foundations. It is a standardized test according to the American ASTM D7949 – Standard Test Methods for Thermal Integrity Profiling of Concrete Deep Foundations.


The test method was developed by the University of South Florida and is based on the heat generated by the concrete's hardening process. Overall, holes in the concrete (necks or inclusions) are registered as cold areas, while extra concrete (extrusions) are registered as extra hot areas.


The concrete's temperature is either measured during the concrete's hydration process or a test is carried out around the time when the hardening temperature is at its highest. In any case, it can be measured relatively quickly after the concrete is full for about (6-72 hours), which is faster than the other integrity tests such as CSL.


Temperatures are measured in the full depth of the foundation. If measurement data then shows areas of noticeably cooler temperatures at a particular depth, this could be an indicator of a potential problem.

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