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Photo registration

We carry out photo registration based on the Swedish standard SS 460 48 60: "Vibration och stöt - Syneförrättning - Arbetsmetod för besiktning av bygningdar och anglaisen i samband med vibrationalstrande verskeit" we register visible cracks/damages on photos with date.


In general, the exterior facade of the property is registered from ground level. However, we also offer to carry out the registration with a drone. Here you will also be able to get a 3D model of the building, which you will then be able to inspect digitally. During the "ordinary" registration (without a drone), documentation is drawn up if the inspected gives rise to comments.


We have specialized in i.a. geotechnical advice and, in this connection, can simultaneously carry out photo registration for projects where there is a risk of settlement damage to nearby buildings.


Photo registration may be necessary in connection with the following tasks:

  • Execution of a groundwater lowering
  • Vibrations from pile foundations
  • Vibrations in connection with the incorporation of fill soil, for example in connection with road construction, sand cushion foundations, etc.
  • Excavation near existing buildings, e.g. in connection with excavation for basements, excavation of oil tanks, etc.
  • Other works covered by Section 12 of the Building Act

The photo registration must be done before the work begins, as photo recording is carried out to document the condition of nearby buildings and record any cracks prior to the work being carried out. The photo registration takes place by either the adviser, project manager or IN-SITU designating buildings. Depending on the task, we can also draw a safety zone around the construction area. Here we also investigate whether there are any properties that are categorized as protected or worthy of preservation. Everything within the zone will be photo-registered, will then be photo-registered. After registration, the data is then forwarded to the contracting parties and possibly comments are discussed.


In the case of photo registration, notification must always be carried out by the lot owners to the affected properties. It is desirable that notice is given at least 14 days before the photo registration is carried out. This gives the lot owners the opportunity to apply if they do not want registration or if they would like to be present during the registration.


During the photo registration itself, a "profile picture of the house" is always taken first, then a picture is taken of the facade that is started with. Any damage/shortcomings to buildings are photographed with the date. Typically, an external registration of an "ordinary" detached house takes approx. 45 minutes to 1 hour on site.


In connection with the photo registration, structural damage, damage and general neglect of the property is registered. As the photo registration often serves as documentation in insurance cases, it is therefore extra important that the registration is carried out carefully and professionally. When damage is registered which is expected to worsen with less stressful work, the lot owner is then made aware of it and asked to secure/repair.

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