One of our core competencies is monitoring in connection with construction and civil engineering projects. Here, we specialize in setting up systems capable of collecting extensive data from various sensors. We often say that we can measure everything, and if not, we find a solution.


With our flexible solutions, we can tailor them to perfectly suit your needs.


The systems can be accessed online via a web browser, allowing for quick data extraction. The project manager can also obtain a visual status of the measurement points and promptly receive updates on the levels and any exceedances. Additionally, the system can be configured to send alerts via SMS and email to stakeholders who may be interested.


We only use equipment from leading manufacturers within their respective fields, and we never compromise on quality. Calibration and monitoring of the equipment are integral parts of our quality system. Our equipment is always calibrated according to the manufacturer's specifications and/or the applicable standards and guidelines. This ensures that the equipment meets the requirements, and that the measuring equipment functions correctly.


Monitoring is often carried out to ensure protection of the surrounding environment against damages, to meet requirements from the client and/or regulatory bodies, or in response to complaints from the external environment.


Regardless of the reason, IN-SITU is involved from the beginning, assisting with planning and identifying measurement points. As an additional measure, a risk assessment can be conducted beforehand, providing a comprehensive overview of which buildings should be given special attention. It is usually more cost-effective to have done thorough preparation than to go through a compensation claim.

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