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The citizens of Nordsjælland are getting an entirely new hospital designed and built from scratch. The hospital is based on healing architecture and is shaped like a four-leaf clover to create the shortest possible walking distances to central functions and views of nature.


The hospital will be located on a natural site in the upcoming district of Favrholm in Hillerød and is expected to be ready for occupancy in 2024. The hospital is built with a shared emergency department and approximately 570 single-bed rooms. Functional architecture and organization of the hospital's functions aim to provide patients, relatives, and employees with surroundings that support best practices in both treatment and education and research.


The architecture is kept at a human scale, making the hospital appear friendly and welcoming, and is adapted to the beautiful landscape. At its highest point, the hospital is four stories tall. The design is flexible and can be adapted to development. Overall, the construction will be approximately 121,000 m2.


IN-SITU Consult has performed photo registration as well as noise and vibration measurements. In addition to this, we have also conducted PIT and PDA measurements.

Project period:

2010 - 2024






Nyt Hospital Nordsjælland, Region Hovedstaden


NCC Danmark A/S


Noise and vibration measurement, as well as PIT and PDA measurements