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Air quality measurement

With a Kunak Air you can measure various gases and particles in the air. Kunak is an Award winning equipment,
which has the most precise measurements within pollution sensors.
With Kunak Air you get precise, reliable instant measurements of the possibly polluting gases that can be in the air. It can measure in a cycle period of 10 seconds and up to 24 hours.

Kunak Air is easy to install and set up. Its easy and quick installation means that it can easily placed in different locations. Kunak Air measures only 25.7 x 27.0 cm and weighs 3.5 kg. Apart from that, it is tolerable
it to be in temperatures between -20 and up to 60 degrees. Kunak Air comes with a built-in eSIM and SIM card holder in.

Measure up to 5 different types of gas and particles at once. It's easy to replace the gas cartridges, you see can put them together and measure just what suits you or your project. Besides that, it also has accessories
with, so you can measure noise, rain, wind, global radiation – (the number of hours of sunshine), UVA rays and much more


Kunak Air has an easy, fast, contactless and wireless transfer. The collected date is sent to Kunak Cloud. Kunak Cloud is a web platform where, among other things, you can see visualizations of the data. It is easy to control the operation of Kunak-Air, analyze data, set alarms, calibration and other configurations of the device, on its platform.
An alarm system can be set up if the desired value is exceeded. It is also possible to integrate data from an external source if desired.

The entire Kunak Air Cloud makes it easier for you, the user, to make the right decisions, compared to the use of Kunak Air and the data it compiles for you.

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