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The light rail stretches over 28 kilometers between Lyngby and Ishøj. It goes through eight municipalities and has 29 stations along the way. The light rail will roll out on its first trip in 2025. There will be changes to S-trains at six stations: Lyngby, Buddinge, Herlev, Glostrup, Vallensbæk and Ishøj. The light rail runs every 5 minutes during the day and every 10 minutes in the evening and at weekends. 11 municipalities and the Capital Region are behind the capital's light rail.

The municipalities are Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gladsaxe, Herlev, Albertslund, Rødovre, Glostrup, Brøndby, Hvidovre, Vallensbæk, Ishøj and Høje-Taastrup. The largest light rail station will be Glostrup with over 6,000 passengers on a weekday. This is followed by Lyngby, Herlev, Buddinge, Lyngby Centrum and Herlev Bymidte. The light rail has an expected top speed of 70 km/h. The average speed will be approx. 30 km/h, incl. stop at stations. 13-14 million passengers are expected to use the light rail annually. In comparison, Kystbanen had just over 9 million. passengers in 2016. 4,000 daily passenger trips are expected to move from the cars to the light rail when it opens. The price of the light rail is approx. 6.2 billion DKK (2018 prices). This includes a reserve of just over DKK 1 billion. DKK. There may be approx. 260 people in a light rail train.

This corresponds to approximately four city buses. The light rail's control and maintenance center will be located in Glostrup, roughly in the middle of the line. At the centre, set-up tracks and a workshop hall will be established for the operation and maintenance of 29 train sets, work vehicles and facilities for approx. 250 employees.

IN-SITU Consult has been responsible for geotechnical field measurements, geotechnical supervision and advice on the project. Including, among other things, photo registration, vibration measurement and PDA measurements.

Project period:

2011 - 2025


28 kilometer stretch


Region Hovedstaden


Hovedstadens Letbane


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Geotechnical field measurements, geotechnical supervision and advice. Including, among other things, photo registration, vibration measurement and PDA measurements