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DB Scale

Sound and noise are measured in the unit decibel (dB). On the noise barometer on the left, you can see how noisy different activities are. The scale is based on what the human ear can hear, in technical language dB(A). Of course, there are also sounds that are beyond this. 0 dB must therefore be understood as where sounds begin to become audible to the human ear. The scale of the sound level is logarithmic, to be able to grasp this easily. However, this means that a change of 10 dB gives a tenfold increase in sound energy.


This also means that you take, for example, 60 dB, which on the scale is, for example, normal speech, and if you double this, you get 63 dB.


If you need to have a building or construction project approved, we can help you calculate the noise consequences for the project for use in EIA reports/environmental assessments, authority approval and the like. The calculations are made on the basis of information on e.g. the type and number of noisy sources (e.g. piling and digging machines) and including the length of time they are expected to be in operation. Based on this, we can help build a noise model of the construction site and neighboring areas, on which you can see the expected spread of the noise to the external environment.

db skala

Neighbor complaints are often due, for example, to the fact that you have not carried out sufficiently good preliminary studies when you have had to plan new homes or the location of business areas. If, for example, you completely fail to carry out such studies, it can be both expensive and difficult, and in some cases completely impossible, to reduce the noise in order to comply with the noise requirements.


If such studies are not carried out, it is both expensive, difficult – and in some cases completely impossible to reduce the noise in order to comply with the noise requirements.


At IN-SITU Consult, we can help get the feasibility studies and planning in place, so that we, in collaboration with you, prepare the right documentation of the noise conditions. Through constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities, we guide you safely through the entire process.

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