Geotechnics - Inclinometer



Inclinometers are used to measure slopes at depth, using gravity. The measurement is often used, in building and construction work, to measure the slope of, for example, sheet pile walls. Here, the measurement is carried out either manually, daily or weekly, or automatically by installing sensors all the way down the sheet pile wall. The manual measurement is carried out by guiding the inclinometer, which consists of a probe with a long cable and a data logger (this can be a tablet or smartphone), down an inclinometer tube. The probe is guided down the pipe, and along the way you stop every ½ meter and a reading is taken.


The frequency of the measurements varies from project to project, and according to which phase you are in on the project. Often, the automatic measurements are only carried out on long-term projects, as the acquisition price of these is relatively expensive. Therefore, the project must have a certain length before it makes economic sense to choose this solution. With the automatic, data is delivered to the cloud and read at a fixed frequency.

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