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A Tiltmeter is a type of extra-sensitive inclinometer designed to measure very small changes, either on the ground or in structures. Tiltmeters are widely used to continuously monitor even the smallest changes such as deflections and deformation of retaining walls, volcanoes, dams, landslides, as well as the response of structures to various influences including loading and foundations.


Our tiltmeters are bi-axial and wireless. With 1 mast, we can collect data from many tilt meters in areas up to 15 km. The long range combined with a very low battery consumption means that you will be able to set up measuring points in hard-to-reach areas without having to worry about servicing them physically.


With the latest models of tilt meters, we also have the option of measuring temperatures at objects on the opposite side of the measuring point. This makes e.g. that when measuring on sheetrock, you can follow the temperature and keep it up against the measurements.


This is particularly important, as iron, as is well known, expands in the heat, which can lead to the belief that there are movements, which can however be disproved using the temperature measurements.

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The measurements from the tiltmeter are also visualized in a cloud solution, and can possibly combined with relevant maps and data from the project. The solution provides a quick overview of the measurement points, and it is visualized with either green or red color whether the measurements are below or above the limit values. If the measurements exceed a limit value, an alarm is sent to relevant stakeholders on the project.

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