Multi Functional Vehicle (MFV)

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Multi Functional Vehicle (MFV) from Dynatest

Our road infrastructure is crucial for our daily lives and economy. IN-SITU Consult is committed to ensuring that this infrastructure is in its best condition. With the addition of the Multi-Functional Vehicle (MFV) from Dynatest, we can now identify and map the health of asphalt with unprecedented precision.

What is an MFV?
The MFV is not just a vehicle – it's a groundbreaking solution for monitoring road conditions. Equipped with the latest technology, the MFV scans the road surfaces, identifying cracks, potholes, and other damages, enabling us to make necessary repairs before minor issues escalate into major problems.

How do we utilize the MFV?
The MFV moves over the road surface while its sensors and cameras continuously scan the condition of the asphalt. With advanced image processing and algorithms, the MFV can not only identify damages but also estimate their depth and severity. All this data is collected, analyzed, and presented in real-time, allowing us to make decisions quickly.

Why MFV?
Traditional methods of road inspection require manual examination, which can be time-consuming and expose inspectors to potential hazards on the roads. The MFV revolutionizes this process by offering fast, accurate, and comprehensive scanning, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.


What do MFV measurements tell us?

In addition to identifying superficial damages, the MFV allows us to predict potential future problem areas by analyzing the texture and composition of the asphalt. By pinpointing weak points in the road infrastructure, we can take proactive steps to prevent future damages and ensure a longer lifespan for our roads.

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