Dynatest - A Global Leader in Measurement Equipment

Dynatest was founded with a vision to revolutionize the measurement industry. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of measurement equipment, the company has set the standard for precision, innovation, and reliability. Their comprehensive product line, ranging from portable equipment to advanced systems, is designed to meet the most demanding geotechnical and construction needs.

Innovative Solutions
With an unwavering dedication to research and development, Dynatest is constantly at the forefront of technological advancements. Their solutions enable accurate and efficient measurements, ensuring that engineers and technicians can make informed decisions quickly.

HWD & MFV Measurements
Two of the most notable additions to Dynatest's range are their HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer) and MFV (Multi-Functional Vehicle) systems. These units are designed to provide accurate data regarding road and asphalt quality. With the ability to detect cracks, damage, and compaction issues, they are essential tools for any modern infrastructure project.

Partnership with IN-SITU Consult
IN-SITU Consult is proud to partner with Dynatest. Through this collaboration, both companies aim to combine their respective expertise and deliver unparalleled service to customers. With Dynatest's technological expertise and IN-SITU Consult's practical experience, customers can expect solutions that are both technically advanced and practical to implement.


Contact & Further Information
For more information about Dynatest and their products, visit Dynatest's official website. For details about our partnership and how it can benefit your project, please contact IN-SITU Consult directly.

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