HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer)

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HWD (Heavy Weight Deflectometer)

In IN-SITU Consult's perpetual pursuit of technological expertise and innovation within geotechnics, we have introduced the HWD Heavy Weight Deflectometer from Dynatest as part of our state-of-the-art instrumentation.

What are geotechnical measurements?
Geotechnical measurements refer to the techniques we use to study the mechanical and physical properties of soil. These measurements are crucial for understanding how different types of soil and rock will behave under load, which is a key component in the safe and efficient design of buildings, roads, dams, and other structures.

How do we perform measurements with the HWD?
The HWD, or Heavy Weight Deflectometer, is an instrument that simulates a significant load on the soil surface to study its response. By dropping a heavy weight from a specific height, a pulsating load is generated. Geophones, strategically placed, record the deformation of the soil in response to this load. By analyzing this response, we can gain a clear understanding of the soil's elastic and non-elastic properties.

Why use the HWD Heavy Weight Deflectometer?
Geotechnical assessment requires accurate information about the soil's strength and resistance. The HWD provides this accuracy by simulating the loads that the soil may be subjected to in real-world scenarios – from heavy vehicles passing overhead to the weight of a large building.


What can we observe from HWD measurements?

With HWD, we can identify hidden layers of soft material, assess the soil's load-bearing capacity and resistance, and predict how it will behave under various loading scenarios. This is crucial for anticipating potential challenges in a construction project and making the necessary preparatory measures.

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